Tech Tuesday

Every Tuesday in 2022 during the month of March, the Diocese sent out an installment of its series, Technology Tuesday. 

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These are posted from the most recent to the oldest. 

Tuesday, March 29: (5th and final installment): Throughout the month of March, I have been posting these Tech Tuesday flyers. They have helped to alert us to the dangers that exist on today's devices and how the amount of time spent on our devices can negatively impact our lives. Here is the final installment for our Tech Tuesday series. It provides additional tips, strategies, and resources to help us make changes to moderate the use of technology in our lives and in our childrens' lives. Thanks for following along with the series. If you would like to refer back to them later, they will be posted on this website permanently. 


Tuesday, March 22: (4th installment): Our theme this week is a “Tech Free Challenge.” We are encouraging families to find a way to go Tech Free. This may look different for each family so be sure to check out the attached flyer for tips and ideas to find success with this challenge. Our St Edward office would love to share your ideas and experiences in an upcoming newsletter. Please feel free to send us an email and let us know about your family’s Tech Free Challenge experience. The school office email is: [email protected]

Tuesday, March 15
: (3rd installment)
Today's Tech Tuesday
 gives parents/grandparents tips on how to protect your children/grandchildren when they are using their devices. It is 2 pages so please read both pages to get all of this important information.

Tuesday, March 8
: (2nd installment) Today's installment focuses on the dangers of the digital world for our children. Tips are provided to make sure our children are safe when they are on their devices. (There are 2 pages to read.)


Tuesday, March 1: 1st Installment: Today's installment focuses on the amount of time we all use our technology and devices and what the latest research tells us about this constant connection. (There are 2 pages to read.)