School Policies

Various Parent/Guardian Information Related to School Policies: 

Student Attendance: Absence from school naturally deprives a student of required information in his/her academic work. In case of an absence, a parent/guardian must call our office by 8:10am to inform the school of this fact. A note from a parent/guardian is required for all absences on the day the student returns. Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up missed work, both in class and any homework assigned. All tests must be taken in class when they return, not at home. Missed assignments/books may be picked up for a student after the dismissal bell has rung at the end of the day. Please don't stop by during our school day as we won't be able to give you the work yet. If a student is absent five days or more than homework is due the following Monday of each five day absence. 

**Please don't send your child to school sick. Our policy is that if a child is running a fever over 99.6%, a parent/guardian will be contacted to pick up that child.

Any absence due to illness that goes beyond five days will require a written note signed by a doctor explaining why the student needs to be out for an extended time, as well as note the expected time they will return to school. Send that note to school on the 5th day in a row the student is absent.  

Electronic Equipment: Students aren't permitted to bring any electronic equipment to school unless associated with a school project or assignment, which requires written permission from a teacher to be sent home. This includes: cell phones, tablets, electronic toys or games, watches that may beep in class, sound devices, or laser pointers. Any such devices found with your child will be taken up and kept in the principal's office for a parent/guardian to pick up. Cell phones are prohibited unless a parent requests their child to have one. But in those cases, the cell phone will be kept in the school office each day until dismissal time. 

Communication: St. Edward offers the following methods of communication between parents and school:
1. Open House
2. Parents Club Meetings and newsletters
3. Student/Parent handbook
4. Weekly Parent Newsletters, a hard copy, sometimes an email, and sometimes a Facebook post. 
5. Our School Facebook page will have parent information and pictures posted throughout the year.
6. Conferences-Quarterly Report Cards given out. 
7. Local media broadcasts for weather/emergency related issues. 
8. Our school website:

Tardies: With the exception of those students riding the school bus, or who are under the supervision of St. Edward staff by 8:05am, a student is tardy when he/she enters the classroom after 8:05am and leaves before the 3:10pm bell. Teachers are required to submit to the lead teacher the names of any student who is tardy for more than five days within a grading period. 

Tardy students must be signed in/out within the time of arrival/departure recorded. When a student accumulates 180 minutes of tardy timehe/she will be credited with a half day absence. Tardy time, due to a medical problem, will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Medication: if a student is to take medication during the school day, the policy is that the medicatin is to be given to the Lead Teacher, or her designee, in the original package or prescription bottle. A note from home giving permission to take the medication accompanied with a Medication Permission Form is to be sent with the medicaiton. The Medication Permission Form can be found in the back of the student handbook. Only asthma medications needed in emergency situations are permitted to remain in the same location as the child. 

**Please note that St. Edward School can't keep tylenol, cough drops, etc on hand to dispense from the office. All types of medications require a Medication Form. All types of medications must come from home. Medications will be locked in a cabinet in the office and will only be dispensed with an adult present who will record the time and dosage taken.

Entering the School Building: When entering the school, you are asked to use the double glass doors between the school and church. This is the main entrance for our school. All parents and visitors must check in with the office to drop off forgotten assignments, books, lunches, or to pick up a student. Any student who is absent will have homework placed on the desk in the entryway, if the teachers are notified early enough in the day to get it ready by 3:10pm. 

**Unanounced and unapproved visits to the classroom interrupt the learning process and are not permitted. 

All exterior doors are kept locked for security reasons. All interior doors are also locked for the same reason. Students aren't permitted to open any door for any person, other than our staff. 

Messages: If a change in your child's dismissal information is necessary, it is to be given to the school in writing at the beginning of the school day, if possible. In case of an unforseen emergency, a message may be called in, but this is not to become a convenient habit. Don't wait until 2:30pm to call and leave an emergency message, please. 

If you call the office and your call can't be immediately answered, please leave a message with your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible. Or you can also send an email to our staff and let them know of the change, ahead of time.