Our School Events and Lessons

Feb 21, 2024: Preschool started their transportation unit with farm machinery. 
See the rest on the photo gallery page. LINK

Feb 16, 2024: Students had a procession into church today, with two students carrying the
Lenten Intentions cross leading the way. 


Feb. 14, 2024: Preschool celebrated Valentines Day with family and fun activities. 
See the rest on the photo gallery page. LINK

Feb. 13, 2024: 2nd and 3rd graders celebrating Mardi Gras in Mrs. Marshall's Social Studies class. 

Feb 12, 2024: Students created a box to hold their Valentines. Here are the grade winners, as chosen
by the student body, and some of the individual boxes. Everyone did a great and creative job! 


Feb. 7, 2024: Preschoolers have been working hard on independently putting on their coats
and zipping them. We now have a several students who have mastered this skill and entered
the Zipper Club! Mrs. Noble and Ms. Wilson are so proud of all the students for working
so hard on this new and important skill. Here are a few of the students. You can see everyone
by visiting the photo gallery page. LINK

Feb 1, 2024: For Catholic Schools Week, students prepared and presented a skit about our patron saint, St. Edward.
Fr Niby and Bishop Iffert were our guests for the play. 

Feb 1, 2024: For Catholic Schools Week, we had the honor of Bishop John Iffert celebrating mass
with our students and staff and parishioners today. 




January 30, 2024: 100th Day of School at St Edward:

Dec 20, 2023: Santa visits our students. 

Dec 19, 2023: Christmas Play


November 22, 2023: Preschool and K Classes sharing a meal together in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. 


November 22, 2023: K Class learning to churn butter. 

November 14, 2023: 4th/5th Grade took part in Recipe For Life at the 4H Center. 


November 10, 2023: Preschool celebrated Veteran's Day. 

November 6, 2023: What a fun day in preschool. Fall games during PE. They also carved a pumpkin. ????
Each student pulled out seeds and strands.

October 31, 2023: Celebrating All Saints Day


October 27, 2023: Preschool enjoyed all things from the 50s today.
They had Root beer floats, a bubble gum blowing contest, hula hoops, and frisbees.
They danced to the twist, mashed potato, and the hand jive. 

Oct 25, 2023: We were visited by our own Cynthiana Fire Department and learned all about
being a firefighter and their equipment and truck. Thanks to the Fire Department! 


Oct 23, 2023: 1/2nd grades doing the KEEN project making aluminum boats to hold coins.


October 23, 2023: 3-4-5th grades doing the KEEN engineering project with toothpicks.


October 6, 2023: School Field trip to Wendt's Wildlife Adventure in Nicholas County: 


Oct 3, 2023: Preschool is doing their yearly pumpkin lesson. They watch the life cycle of
a pumpkin in real time from the first week in October until spring when school is out.
They learn about mold, decomposition, rotting, and how resilient seeds are. 



Oct 3, 2023: St. Edward kindergarten students presented their ABC Fashion vests to
the other students. Their walk down the red carpet was priceless!



Sept 29, 2023: Library class with Kindergarten. They learned about the parts of a book and
created a monster mascot for our library.


Sept 26, 2023: Celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day at St Edward. Students dressed up in honor of him. 


Sept 26, 2023: It was Johnny Appleseed day at St Edward for preschool. We celebrated the man who planted
apple trees across America and left a fruity legacy. ???????? Here are the Preschool and some of their activities.
We made homemade applesauce while learning about Johnny Appleseed. It was an apple-filled and fun
educational day for all. Happy Johnny Appleseed Day! ????????



Sept 19th, 2023: Pictures from the 4th and 5th graders trip to the 4H Center. 


Friday, Sept 8, 2023: Our Kindergarten celebrated Grandparents' Day
today with lunch and a visit to our classroom. 


Friday, Sept 8, 2023: Our preschool celebrated Grandparents' Day
today with lunch and a visit to our classroom. 


Friday, Sept 8, 2023: Here is the 2nd butterfly release
that our preschool got to take part in. What fun! 


Wednesday, Sept 6, 2023: Preschool was gifted some caterpillars ????
For the past 13 days, they have watched them make their chrysalis.
And one has become a beautiful monarch butterfly! It was released
today to enjoy the beauty of our town of Cynthiana. ☺️????




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