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4/5th graders shared their dinosaur project/slideshow with the preschool, who were also studying dinosaurs. 



St Patrick's Day happenings with Preschool, March 17th, 2023:

Week of Feb. 27th: Celebrating Dr Seuss's birthday each day. 


Feb. 14, 2023: Valentines Day pics from Preschool-5 Parties.


Feb. 1, 2023: 1st grade learned how to access and use their school email accounts. They learned the parts of a friendly letter, and then how to compose a new email to someone and send it successfully. They also learned how to reply to an email in their inbox. Everyone did a great job! 



Feb 1, 2023: To celebrate God's light within us, students and staff wore neon or bright colors today. Here are some pictures.



Jan 30, 2023: The mobile Science Center came to visit St Edward School today. Students enjoyed a variety of hands on, interactive science.Students made soybean lip balm, biodegradable corn plastic, and a living seed necklace.



Jan 26, 2023: St Edward students celebrated 100 days of school by dressiing up as their version of a 100 yr old or wearing the number 100 and 100 items on their clothing. 



Jan. 12. 2023: The 2nd -3rd grade classes at St. Edward School welcomed Kayleigh Evans to their Social Studies class today. They are studying an Economy unit on From the Farm to Table. We appreciate Mrs. Evans for sharing her knowledge and resources. 



Jan. 12, 2023: St. Edward School first graders enjoyed Career Day as part of their study on community helpers in Mrs. Marshall’s social studies class.




Preschool studied hibernation recently. One day they brought in stuffed animals that represent animals that hibernate. 
Jan 12, 2023


Coding Class with Ms. Hersel: 4/5th Grade, Jan 11, 2023


Coding Class with Ms. Hersel: 2/3rd Grade, Jan 10, 2023


Coding Class with Ms. Hersel: 1st Grade, Jan 10, 2023


Christmas Play, Dec. 19 2022:Here are some videos and a few pictures. There is a link below these to the rest of the play pictures. 

Video Link 1 Video Link 2 Video Link 3

 More photos from the Christmas Play: CLICK HERE


November 2nd/3rd Grade Computer Skills Class with Ms. Hersel


November 1st Grade Computer Skills Class with Ms. Hersel


November Kindergarten Computer Skills Class with Ms. Hersel


11/11/2022 Our students celebrate Veterans Day. 


11/11/2022 Preschool celebrates Veterans Day. 


10/31/2022: Preschool Halloween Celebration


10/31/2022: All Saints Day Celebration at school


10/27/2022: Students dressed in 1950's style clothing to celebrate the 50th day of school. 


10/6/2022: School field trip to Stepping Stone Farm. More pictures can be found on the photo page, accessed from the main menu at the top. 



10/4/2022: Blessing of the animals. More pictures can be found on the photo page, accessed from the main menu at the top. 


9/17/2022: We had a good turn out for the Paint Palooza party held in the school cafeteria. Everyone had fun making their door or wall hangers. Thanks to Pam McCauley for organizing it and getting the hangers cut out and sanded. All proceeds from today go towards our school field trip on Oct 6.


9/8/2022: Our religion classes, taught by Mrs. Haas, have been learning about spiritual adoption. They were given a chance to name a baby girl or boy, which has not been born yet, and a poster was created showing their name choices. I got a group picture and then individual pictures.



9/9/2022: We celebrated Grandparents' Day with grandparents visiting our school and taking a tour of their grandchild's classroom, enjoying a snack in the cafeteria and a photo op with our banner. 


9/1/2022: The 2nd graders in Mrs. Haas's religious class performed their play: The Parable of the Good Samaritian on Thursday in the school library. Here is a video and pictures. 


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